Freelance Editors Need to Develop a Niche Market


The expression freelancer has plenty of possibilities embedded in it. And when we talk of freelance editorswe mean people who don’t belong to any company but they tackle freelance editing jobs independently and operate according to their own program. With the coming of the world wide web, freelance editing opportunities have grown for those who possess a unique skill with languages and possess a keen sense of accuracy of information. That’s the reason why freelance editors are taken in only when they have established track records of freelance editing either offline or online. You may set your own pace and program, but need sticking to deadlines.

Anybody with a very good understanding of grammar can be a copy editor. But the copy editor needs to have not only fantastic grammar abilities, but also have a choice of words, style for both fiction and non-fiction composing. Then company that chooses the services of freelance editors needs them to adhere to their editorial standards and policies such as the type of information that should pass for publication. Freelance editing may be both part time and full time depending on the total amount of time you can spare for working by yourself freelance editing.

You could do copy writing which requires similar abilities of competence in English and a grasp of the language in all of its usages. You don’t need to get a degree or a doctorate in languages to be a proficient freelance editor. What freelancer editing requires are horse sense and a keen eye for details which may elude you if you have the greatest qualifications.

You would require horse sense to spot some inaccuracy or plagiarism ahead rather than after you pass it on for the publication. You should develop the trust of the company you work for so that they can rely on you. However, for being a freelance editor, you have to take some tests on editing on sample bits to show your credibility as an editor.

The business you would do the job for may have a senior editor to track the work of freelance editors. You may need to liaise with him or her and make sure your work meets all of the parameters determined by the company. You’d be paid per hour to the freelance editing that you must do and it usually ranges from $10-15 an hour. It’s wise if you develop a market as companies always look for specific services such as theses editing, freelance editing of manuscripts, essays and also proofreading.

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