How to Save Beaucoup Money When Investing in Fixer-Upper Houses! 5 Tips on Learning to Make Repairs


Let your knowledge of the way to repair investment properties grow like plants in a garden. Follow my tips and you’ll certainly be prepared to respond to almost any issue.

Here is how I learn new skills:

Stay Glued to Experts such as Glue

Always be there to help if the handyman or contractors do kitchen gadgets focus with your house. Ask questions. Make mental notes of the way things work. For example, whenever a technician works in my air conditioning equipment, I am right there on the top with them, ” I observe they analyze the issues, I asked them what different parts and components are known, and I ask just how to determine different types of A/C problems. Now I know what to consider, and that I can do exactly what he did, in case the identical problem arises.

Require Community College Classes

Community colleges provide a smorgasbord of useful classes for your own fixer-upper investor. I have mostly taken classes in electrical wiring, but achieved a few plumbing and wood work too. The classes are at night to accommodate working men schedules. No snoozing at the rear of class throughout boring lectures since the classes are focused on hand-on learning.

Start a Library

Take to heart that the old expression”a home with no library is much like a body with no soul.” I have least 100 books associated with real estate buying, selling, repair, taxes, and renter control, as well as several how-to videos. Whenever I am at a book sale, I cruise the aisle with all the property books and also the aisle with your house repair books.

I’ve got more house repair novels compared to every other type of publication. Before I begin a brand new project, I consult a book to demonstrate how a professionals demonstrate how exactly to do it. During a project, when I get stuck, I consult with a publication to get the answer to my own problem.

Some times, when I’m not working on a job, I love to browse though my repair novels to get ideas for future years.

I have always had better luck getting responses to my own questions at smaller hardware stores, such as ACE, rather than at the big box stores, such as Home Depot. When I had been understanding how to lay carpet, I have some good counsel on what to safeguard the carpeting to a floor from a sales person. The people who work there generally seem to own the hands on experience to offer useful advice.


This is an area that I often overlook, yet it is potentially the most useful tool to get correct information.

To figure out how replies to repair problems, I just enter exactly what it really is I wish to complete on Google. As an example,”I want to improve a washer on the kitchen faucet”. Usually several fantastic links popup which offer solutions to your own problem.

Whenever you need help repairing your fixer-upper houses, do not become frustrated, prepare yourself!

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