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I met an Owner at one of his properties the other day who had a major water issue with his dryer vent line. After meeting the Owner, he took me to his basement and opened up a closet. There was a flexible dryer hose hanging right in front of my face in a big U formation. The Owner said, “I think there is water in here.” Obviously, this is why his Tenants were having trouble drying their clothes.

I grabbed the hose, jostled it back and forth, and the sound of water made a whooshing sound, it felt like there was two gallons of water in the vent line. The weight of such a huge amount of water caused the duct line to sag to a few feet above the floor. Fortunately, the hose didn’t yet break and cause water damage all over his floor dryer vent.

I said to the Homeowner, “The builder must have been very lazy because he should never of installed this type of flexible dryer vent line in the walls. He should have installed the rigid metal type of dryer duct.” Unfortunately, builders sometimes install the flexible foil type of duct line in walls, and have been even known to sometimes exit the dryer duct into attics which is very hazardous.

When a flexible vent is installed rather than the rigid metal type, if there is a little water condensation from drying clothes, this water can build up and start to sag the vent line. And when the duct line sags, it just collects more and more water. Unfortunately, the water will eventually totally clog the vent line when it sags, and totally block the airflow. When there is an airflow blockage due to water buildup, it can seriously damage a dryer and make even a powerful new dryer worthless.

Sometimes, the water can also come from the exterior when the outside cover isn’t sealed properly and rainwater pours into the dryer duct. The simple solution for this is to seal the exterior vent cover with clear caulk or to install a new cover. The exterior vent cover for this homeowner was under a overhang where rain wouldn’t reach it, so the water was definitely coming from his clothes. Usually, water condensation in the duct line isn’t a problem, but since he had a flexible hose inside the wall, the slightest amount of water caused it to sag and trap more and more water.

I grabbed a large plastic bucket, placed it under the sagging vent line, took out a pen, and popped it with a hole. It almost felt like a surgical procedure. The water gushed out of the duct line and into the bucket along with a mixture of lint. After all the water drained, I simply taped up the hose with vent tape.

After fixing the water problem, I went about my normal cleaning procedure and brushed out the vent line from the inside, placed my blower in the vent line, and proceeded to brush it from the outside. More line blew out, and the airflow finally resumed in the vent line and was blowing out strong.

Cleaning Cleaning

Vacuum port fires are the # one reason behind most home fires in the United States, out-pacing chimney flames. Dryer vents are among these from sightout of mind matters which you can’t ever manage to discount. After you see the lint trap onto a drier (a good fresh 1 ), just gets rid of or quits 80 percent of this lint – you also may observe the significance of cleansing your drainage machine once per calendar year.

Dryer lint is extremely flammable and below the most suitable conditions may give rise to a drier flame, and frequently dispersing throughout the port machine which then propagates the flame immediately through the duration of your residence. When a drier does it’s task, roughly 1/2 per pound of plain water has been taken off, mist is immobilized with your own dust snare, and also atmosphere is pressured during your drier drainage machine. Through the years, this extra lint backs-up on your drier and also the venting or exhaust program. Air-flow is confined, your drier works tougher and also the engine over heats. With surplus lint buildup, your drier is currently a ripe applicant to get a drier flame.

Dryer Basic Safety and Inspection Recommendations

Inch. Make certain that your lint trap does not have any loopholes and you also wash it until every drying cycle. In case the dust remains wet onto your own property trap, then it might signify it is time and energy to wash your drier vents. In addition, the home monitor ought to be gently trashed every single week and then cleaned with mild dishwashing soapand soap.
2. Gently examine your outside port hood over both sides of one’s own home once the dryer is currently functioning. Would be your flaps moving, how do you’re feeling some air-flow? Otherwise, now is the time and energy to receive your drier exhaust machine washed along with also your drier scrutinized. Float on your drier for lint onto to the ground. This really is really a danger signal your drier exhaust machine should be washed. In case your apparel have greater than 1 cycle to dry, then this might possibly be a indication your drier exhaust machine has to be washed straight a way. In no way wash any other clothing or pliers which were saturated with almost any flammables. It might result in an volatile situation on your own dryer clean dryer vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Strategies

You’ll find a number of on-line services and products available you may employ to wash your vents including as for example brushes using rods which may be connected with a highpowered drill. The majority of the goods are poor and also do a less than adequate occupation for drier port runs on 10′. It’s essential that you telephone an expert if doing drier vent cleanup on account of different conditions which will and certainly will be struck. Several of those states are erroneous port Type-S, protruding or loose vents, or even vents using overly lots of bends and angles. A dryer vent cleaning practitioner usually includes several kinds of cleansing equipment based upon your own circumstance. It’s essential that you consult the drier port professional in case they do onsite upgrades or repairs as somewhere around 50 percent of those tasks struck will require some thing with this type.

A number of the fixes which could possibly be essential could comprise: re-running or shifting outside the drier port exhaust tube function, including shifting a port hood which leaves the website of this construction, moving in to the attic or crawl distance todo repairs, cleansing out of the cover of the roof commencing out from where your duct sparks involving the drier, and also ripping in to the ceiling or wall to fix a port that’s come unfastened. For those who are not a convenient man which could perform all of the aforementioned mend products, render this to some drier port skilled.

Bear in mind, to reduce drier vent fires at your house, make your drier exhaust cleaned as soon as per calendar year. In the event you inhabit in a condo complex be certain that your premises supervisor is aware the value of drier port upkeep. Flat proprietors should additionally create drier vent cleanup inside their components important. providers that the Subsequent cities of Snohomish County Washington and can be obtained for repairs, cleaning, consultations and alterations:

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Dryer vent cleansing is also a frequently over looked dwelling maintenance endeavor that lots of homeowners overlook. But, clean-up you port procedure and also lint snare isn’t just significant, but it may be life endangering. Just how exactly? As lint accumulates within your drier lint snare it seals a growing number of warmth. The mixture of warmth, combustible supplies like lint, and also the limited distance regularly contributes to combustion. Back in 1998a report was accomplished from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission plus it had been shown that 15,000+ dwelling fires are directly linked with a deficiency of drier vent cleaning. Take care not to permit your property be considered a statistic!

Few could assert that dwelling appliances are costly & many house owners do they are able to in order to continue to keep their home equipment functioning over the life span of their system. Possessing your dryer vents cleaned can be a superior means to continue to keep your drying functioning economically and expand the life span of these heating aspects. Ordinarily, as dirt and also other substances develop over the drier’s elements, and warmth within the years hardens the substances, it could impair your drier by functioning properly and perhaps divide dryer duct.

In a challenging market, most homeowners want tactics to conserve funds. Were you aware dryer vent cleansing may save lots of money? This is accurate! Whenever your dryer’s lint seals and ports have been washed, maybe not merely will you get a protected functioning drier, you have a powerful running drier that’ll dry apparel far speedier and much more evenly. The your drier operates, the additional funds that you save! And, with much less fixes, you put in more funds for your own pocket.

And vent duct and cleaning cleaning may restrict the quantity of mildew, mold, and microorganisms in your house and onto your own laundry. Vacuum vents and vents would be the ideal breading ground for these sorts of allergens. As apparel are taken out of the drier, these pesky small fellows are launched to your residence and circulated by way of an airconditioner, fans, and heating apparatus. For individuals at house that suffer with allergies, even that they may remind one at the spring period.

How frequently in case your drier vents be washed? It’s strongly advised that you wash out the lint traps whenever you conduct into the drier. Nevertheless, it’s widely accepted the ducts and vents ought to be washed twice per calendar year. This ought to continue to keep your drier functioning more, a lot more economically, and more powerful.

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